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"Welcome, we've been expecting you."
- Gordon Freeman, probably

Welcome to my "About" page! I'm truly grateful that you took the time to visit my website and learn about my projects. Sit back, grab some coffee, and enjoy the story below as you read about my summarized history and my time as a Marine, a university student, and my experiences in growing, learning, and becoming a better version of myself. Though the photos may seem random, they summarize my journey growing from a young teenager up until the man I am today.

Universal trip with the brother that inspired me to join the Marine Corps.
A military event with two of my recruiters. I was a Poolee at the time.
Boot camp graduation with my late grandfather. He was a Vietnam Veteran.

A long time ago... in a local town not so far away...

This single-player adventure begins in 1993, where the story was first written. In the city of South Miami, a young traveler spawned into the world under the care of a loving mother and father. Through their wisdom and loving embrace, the young traveler grew into a young, albeit naive, boy who wanted to learn everything he possibly could, regardless of the difficulty or the challenge. That young boy... is me.

Though the first chapter of this game was merely the introduction (i.e. growing up, school, graduation, etc.), the next chapter was the defining timeframe of my life: the military. It's funny, when I was a kid, I never would have thought I'd find myself enlisting into the armed forces. It seemed like a far cry to what I thought I'd specialize in after I graduated school. Something in me wanted to be a doctor... yeah, that went pretty well. Good thing it didn't, though, since I have absolutely zero ambition to go into the medical field. Can't even imagine how much more headache I could've had, and not the good kind.

Getting through the military was one of the hardest challenges I faced. It brought along many, many emotions and frustrations I never felt growing up beforehand. Pain, perseverance, triumph... the list goes on. I wouldn't say it was a tumultuous period of my life, but I can't say it was the most sensational one either. A lot of trouble was caused, a lot of mistakes were made, and even more lessons were learned. I will say, through all of those lessons, came very good wisdom and some very tight friends that I will forever be grateful for. 

Proceeding after the military was another tough challenge: adjusting back into civilian life. Learning and embracing the culture and bravado of the military was heavily situated in my brain, and life doesn't necessarily operate like that outside of the uniform. Luckily, my transition into the civilian world was rather seamless. What facilitated that was my parents' incredibly supportive and heartfelt love, to which nothing can compare to. Can you tell I'm a family man?

After some adjustment and some basic school, I now arrive at the Florida Interactive Entertainment Academy (FIEA). There's a real funny thing about destiny that sometimes catches me off-guard... during undergrad, I took a tour of FIEA, taking advantage of an opportunity provided by the faculty of the institution during the Fall. I wasn't entirely sure if I even wanted to attend FIEA - a master's program wasn't on the top of my list of ventures to undertake. However, once I step foot into the halls of the building and discovered the warming and promising aura of the Cohort space... my heart and mind knew that this place was exactly where I needed to be. I walked in and felt that my destiny would lead me here. And thus, I applied, and I was accepted.

The story stops there, for now. I would add more, but it's all unnecessary details and maybe some funny stories from the military. The important thing, is that I've been through a lot, and I've seen even more. A lot of things that I saw acted as obstacles that attempted to stop me, but I was unwavering in my quest to keep going. Tim Kennedy once said that the only way he grew was from being held back. After he broke free, he never stopped. I can relate to him, because once I broke from my chains, I never stopped going.

The crew
Some of my colleagues from FIEA. Absolutely gifted individuals.
My beautiful parents.
Little guy
Toys for Tots event in Okinawa. I had the joy of hanging out with this little guy!
Undergrad crew
My undergrad Game Design Workshop class. This was a wonderful experience.
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