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Radio Silence

Radio Silence is a solo project developed in Unreal Engine 5.3. This project was inspired by the critically acclaimed video game, Spec Ops: The Line. I'm exceptionally proud of this project and I had a ton of fun developing it! Click "View more" to see more screenshots and a gameplay demo!


Gridlock is a solo whitebox project developed in Unreal Engine 5.3. This map is the very first attempt at constructing a multiplayer map in Unreal Engine. The map is purely a whitebox, but will receive some updates based on feedback I received. The page that the button takes you to will delve more into the process and system I came up with to create this map.


Chroma is an ongoing project as part of a larger capstone assignment for the master's program at the Florida Interactive Entertainment Academy. I am a level designer on this project, and I am responsible for constructing and optimizing arena-style levels that prioritize fun, frenetic combat, and visual appeal. I am also responsible for building and fine-tuning all of the lighting for each of the levels I created. More info on this project will come soon!

Beauty Shot for Project UNREST

The Blessing

The Blessing is a project created for submission to the Florida Interactive Entertainment Academy. This project was created in Unreal Engine 5 and even though the most recent version, 5.2, allowed for procedural content generation, this project did not utilize that feature. Everything was built from the ground up in a timeline of two weeks and all mechanics and functions were coded by myself, with the exception of several Blueprints taken from some asset packs.

Year 500

Year 500 is a narrative driven, third-person hack-n-slash game developed in Unity. I was the lead designer of this project, but I was primarily responsible for establishing realistic and accurate lighting standards for all of the levels. Click the button to learn more!

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