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Project: Solitary

Project: Solitary is an ongoing project in Unreal Engine 5. I am currently in the process of laying the ground work for the level, and establishing nature, foliage, and infrastructure. The eventual outcome is to create a short, narrative-driven single-player game that tells the story of a man that is suffering from loneliness and regret. This project will exploit the full potential of both Nanite and Lumen technology, introduced in the first iteration of Unreal Engine 5. This project will also be constructed with Unreal Engine's Blueprint technology and will be the foundation of all mechanical functionality in the experience.


In The Wilderness

I wanted to develop this project around its name: Solitary. This locale is deep in the mountains of an undisclosed location. The only thing that you'll find here are the plethora of trees, foliage, and tranquility that you won't experience anywhere else.

The House

This is where the experience will begin. Its infrastructure is currently established, it needs textures and plentiful set dressing to make it realistic and true to the protagonist's background.


The Front Yard

This is a screenshot of one of the early days of the project. I wanted to give plenty of space for the house to give the impression that the owner has a lot of land and wants a large space to himself. The small crater and rock formation off screen resemble of nature's many enigmas, but does serve a purpose.

The Terrain

This is also another early screenshot from when the project started. To give the sense that the player was in the mountains, or deep in a forest, the terrain had to reflect that. This may be an early screenshot, but the terrain has undergone some restructuring since then.

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