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Radio Silence

Radio Silence, as mentioned in the description on the previous page, was inspired by Spec Ops: The Line. I chose Spec Ops: The Line as it is one of my most beloved third person shooters and the level design of the game is top-notch. Though, given the pure scale of the actual game, I chose to ground myself a little bit and keep the gameplay at the street level, instead of the skyscrapers where a lot of the game's combat encounters take place. Utilizing the Third Person Shooter Kit, the development of this project was more seamless than ever, and the only real tedious part was designing, white boxing, and set dressing an environment that was capable of providing a fun gameplay experience, but at least living up to the greatness that was Spec Ops: The Line. 

Gameplay Demo

Please enjoy the gameplay demo! This includes the playthrough, and a whitebox and final pass over of the entire level.

Old design

The Layout

Fun fact, the layout on the left was the original design of the map. The one on the right is the complete redesign. The one on the left was much shorter and did not include nearly as much gameplay as the newest rendition. The new one includes an objective that the player must accomplish to finish the level.

New design

Old design

Out with the old, in with the new

To give a better visualization, the blockout on the left is the old one. The image on the right is the new design. You can see that the one on the left had nowhere near the amount of interesting points of interest as the one on the right, and frankly, I'm happy that I scrapped the original map in favor of the new one.

New design

The Street

The Street is the first combat encounter for the player. The player must fight through the enemy forces and acquire a radio transmitter at the checkpoint at the end of the street. From there, they will proceed to the nearby camp to conduct an assault and besiege the enemy forces to utilize the radar dish to send the transmission.

Street Vista 1.png
Camp 2.png

The Camp

As aforementioned, the Camp is the secondary location that the player will traverse. With plenty of cover, vantage points and enemy placements, the player must fight through a platoon-sized element (15-20 people) and overtake the camp with the two companions the player is accompanied with. The radar tower in the back is the key piece of infrastructure that the player must use as a guide to reach the end.

Photo Gallery

Below are more screenshots of the level, both final design and blockout, for your viewing pleasure!

Blockout 5.png
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